Now you see, now you don’t see


In the present installation – Interior space- Daniella Sheinman presents a new spectacle, which in one stroke abolishes every previous framework.

In the new three-dimensional territory, Sheinman expands her field of activity, but concurrently and insistently she eliminates color, posits a limit, blocks visibility.

But the bursting of the two -dimensional framework is revealed as a momentary illusion of freedom.

“Now you see, now you don’t see is the name of the game. The installation Interior Space is concentrated around three dimensional elements, the affinity among which is created by virtue of the paradox that characterized the components of each, as well as the complexity of the connections among them.

The scroll that enwraps the outer limit of the space and closes upon the cage which closes upon the mummy enclosed in Its shrouds creates an installation that deals with man’s existential situation. Here, every possible option cancels out the other, and the viewer who finds himself inside this  web can do nothing but take in part  in the only possibility given him – the freedom of the game.


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